Save A Life

Save a Life – the projects name describes what it does best. The project focuses on patients with life-threatening illnesses. It provides them with the care they need by helping them with their hospital bills, medication bills, or nutritional food required to build immunity in patients.

Many patients are suffering from life-threatening illnesses, but none more than cancer patients. According to the Cancer Statistics, 2020: Report from National Cancer Registry Programme, India. Patients with cancer in India among males was 679,421 (94.1 per 100,000), and among females, 712,758 (103.6 per 100,000) for the year 2020. One in 68 males (lung cancer), 1 in 29 females (breast cancer), and 1 in 9 Indians will develop cancer during their lifetime (0-74 years of age).

The good news is that if a patient is diagnosed with cancer early, they can be saved in most cases. But the costs involved in the treatment are very high. The two most effective treatments against cancer are Chemotherapy and Radiation, both these treatments can cost lakhs to complete, and unfortunately, the poor in India cannot afford this.

The government of India has done a good job with its government hospitals in helping the poor get their cancer treatment. However, even with all the discounts and subsidies given at these hospitals, the costs are still too high.

The project “Save a Life” finds and helps these underprivileged with their cancer treatment and recovery. We at Noble Nonprofit are only able to do this with your support. They say not all heroes wear capes, and this becomes true when individuals like you come forward to save a life by donating towards a patient’s cancer treatment cost; you are the one who is taking on the fight against this ugly disease called cancer.

You can choose to donate to this project, where the donations received are used for multiple patients as per their medical urgency and requirement. You can do this by donating right here on this page. You can also choose to sponsor a particular case, where you pay for the complete treatment or donate any amount you can spare that will be used for that specific case. To check the urgent cases that need your help, click here.



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Donation Total: ₹5,000 One Time

All donations to Noble Nonprofit are eligible for 50% tax exemption under section 80G of Income Tax, 1961.

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