Warmth and Hope: Blanket Donation Initiative

Blanket Distribution Drive.

Several deaths are reported yearly due to the harsh winters of Delhi. Most of them are poor homeless people as they do not have any means to protect themselves from the cold. By donating blankets to the poor, you can prevent many such deaths.

Every year as winter approaches, we begin shopping for the latest winter clothes; we upgrade your bedding and get new heaters to stay warm on those cold winter nights. We enjoy sitting in your warm beds, drinking coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. But the homeless dread the winter season. They are afraid for the old in their families, for their little ones, and for themselves, as they know that they have no protection against these harsh winter nights.

Climate change is causing us to experience extreme winters; this was already a major issue for the poor/the homeless. But now, the last few years have worsened due to Covid 19. The people infected by Covid 19 have had a loss in their immunity. These homeless people were already suffering from malnutrition, and now with Covid aftereffects, their immune system is not equipped to fight the harsh cold of Delhi winters.

Noble Nonprofit runs various distribution projects in winter, distributing warm clothes and food to the homeless, and now we are asking for your help. You can help by donating blankets; money that you contribute to this project is used to buy blankets and is distributed on the streets of Delhi.

If you cannot spare any money for this cause but still want to help, you can also donate your old warm clothes. You can visit our Instagram account @noble.nonprofit and send us a DM.

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Tax Exemption

Donation Total: ₹5,000

All donations to Noble Nonprofit are eligible for 50% tax exemption under section 80G of Income Tax, 1961.

Data Privacy: We take utmost care of of your personal data and will never sell or share it to any third parties. Your confidential information such as credit card or bank details is not stored on our system and we do not call donors for their credit/debit card PIN or internet banking password.