About Us


We at Noble Nonprofit work across the spectrum of health, nutrition, education and other social issues faced by the low-income group.

Some of the few areas we focus on are:


Our History

Noble Nonprofit was born out of a simple idea- “No one should be left behind when it comes to Healthcare, Education, and Nutrition.” Access to basic healthcare, nutrition, and education is the right of every living being, and Noble Nonprofit is trying to do its part in making this a reality.

Even before the establishment of Noble Nonprofit, the founders tried their best to help their community whenever they could. Whether by donating food, providing free tuition, or simply by donating to other charities. When they realized that they still needed to do more, they came up with a nonprofit that provides help to anyone in need.

Our Mission

The lack of health insurance in India is a significant problem. Even today, over 78% of the population does not have adequate health insurance, and over 55% of the population has no health insurance at all. One of the biggest problems faced by the average Indian family is health care costs. Noble Nonprofit helps families in these difficult times by funding their healthcare needs. Noble Nonprofit coordinates with multiple hospitals to help the needy.

India has the highest number of malnourished children in the world. The lack of access to healthy and nutritious food leads to major medical and mental health problems. Noble Nonprofit runs various food distribution campaigns and works with local food banks to provide nutritious food for children.

Education is another sector with which Noble Non-Profit works closely. The literacy rate in India is under 69%, and this gets worse when it comes to females and the population in rural areas. If there is one solution to most of India’s issues and the world face, it is Good Education. Therefore, Noble Nonprofit works with schools and education centres to help provide basic education to all.

Our Approach

By coordinating with various hospitals, schools and other care centres in rural areas, we find people that need help but have no options in front of them. Our case by case approach makes it easy for donors to help the poor and make an impact on their lives.