Noble Food Drive

Food distribution campaign run by Noble Nonprofit

One of the biggest challenges India currently faces is feeding the poor. India has slipped to 101 in the Global hunger index released in 2021. Each day over 20 crore people go to sleep hungry in India. We at Noble Nonprofit understand that we can only deal with this issue if everyone contributes.

We currently run food drives every week and feed over 1000 people. However, we know that we need to do more, and for this, we need your help. It costs around R.3500 a month to feed a family of four. We ask you to come forward and help us support these underprivileged families by donating whatever you can spare monthly. The funds collected within this program will provide daily rations to families that can’t afford them.
By joining our Noble Food Drive, you can help these families easily and conveniently from your home. Helping people in need is not only our duty but our obligation.

We all know the toll Covid-19 has taken on society. More and more people are slipping under the poverty line daily. Lakhs of people have lost their jobs, especially people on the lower end of the earning spectrum. Imagine not being able to feed your family, and it is not a feeling that any of us want to experience. There are lakhs of people in India who require help with their daily meals. We at Noble Nonprofit strive to help them through campaigns like Noble Food Drive.

By donating a small sum every month, you can help feed thousands of people. The amount you spend on a family dinner at a restaurant can help feed a family of four for the whole month.

When it comes to helping people, there is a quote that we at Noble Nonprofit simply love. “If you can, Help. If you can’t, Try.” Because if all of us try to help the poor, the world would become a much better place and isn’t that what everyone wants? So, if you are an individual who has little to spare or a company looking to support the community. Come forward, help us, help them.


*You will be billed every month. You can cancel anytime.

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Tax Exemption

Donation Total: ₹3,500 Monthly

All donations to Noble Nonprofit are eligible for 50% tax exemption under section 80G of Income Tax, 1961.

Data Privacy: We take utmost care of of your personal data and will never sell or share it to any third parties. Your confidential information such as credit card or bank details is not stored on our system and we do not call donors for their credit/debit card PIN or internet banking password.