Frequently Asked Questions

How can I support your NGO?

There are many ways to support our NGO, including making a one-time donation, becoming a monthly donor, volunteering your time and skills, or participating in our events and campaigns. You can also help spread the word about our work by sharing information about our organization with friends and family.

How can I stay informed about your NGO's work?

You can stay informed about our work by signing up for our newsletter, following us on social media, attending events and campaigns, and visiting our website for updates.

How are funds used?

All funds received by our NGO are used to support our programs and services, and to further our mission. Our organization operates with transparency and accountability, and we regularly report on how we are using donated funds to make a positive impact.

How can I volunteer for your NGO?

You can express your interest in volunteering for our NGO by visiting volunteering page and filling out the volunteer form. We will get in touch with you shortly to discuss current opportunities and how you can get involved.

Can I visit your programs and see the impact of my donation?

Yes, we welcome visitors to our programs to see the impact of your donation. Please contact us in advance to arrange a visit.

What is a monthly giving program?

A monthly giving program is a convenient and efficient way to support a nonprofit organization. Monthly donors make a recurring donation on a monthly basis, which provides a steady source of funding for the organization.

What are the benefits of monthly giving?

Some of the benefits of monthly giving include convenience, efficiency, and impact. Monthly giving allows you to spread your donation over the course of a year, making it easier to budget and manage your giving. Additionally, monthly giving provides a steady and predictable source of funding for the nonprofit, allowing them to plan and make the most of your donation.

How do I become a monthly donor?

Signing up for monthly giving is easy! Simply visit Monthly Giving. You can choose the amount you wish to give each month and your donation will be automatically deducted from your account.

Is my donation/monthly giving tax-exempted?

Yes, all donation to Noble Nonprofit is tax-exempted under section 80G of Income Tax, 1961. You will also receive an annual receipt for tax purposes.

How can I change my monthly gift amount?

You can change your monthly gift amount at any time by contacting us. Send us an email or give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Can I cancel my monthly giving at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your monthly giving at any time by contacting us. Send us an email or give us a call, and we’ll assist you in cancelling your monthly gift.

How does my monthly donation make a difference?

Your monthly donation can make a lasting impact in the lives of those in need. With your ongoing support, we can provide critical services, such as education, healthcare, and disaster relief, to those who need it most. Your donation, combined with the support of others, can create real change in the world.

How will I know the impact of my monthly donation?

We will keep you informed about the impact of your monthly donation through regular updates and newsletters. You’ll have the opportunity to see the difference you’re making and be part of a community of individuals who share your passion for making a difference.

What is the minimum monthly gift amount?

There is no minimum monthly gift amount. You can choose to give any amount that works best for you. Every gift, no matter the size, helps us bring hope and change to those in need.

How is my personal information protected?

Your personal information is secure and protected. We take data privacy and security seriously and use industry-standard security measures to protect your information.

Have a question that isn’t answered here? Contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you. Thank you for your support!