Educate India

They say if there was one solution to all of humanity’s problems- it is a good education.  A good education can end poverty, racism, inequality, help decrease health problems, and help fight global warming. Education is not a one-day fix for all problems but an ongoing project that can and will change the world with time.

The literacy rate in India has improved a lot in the last few decades, but still, over 32 crore people in India are illiterate, out of which 59% are females. And this percentage increases a lot when you talk about rural India.

Educate India aims to provide education to every child, as we at Noble nonprofit believe a good education is their birthright. We understand that educating the whole of India is not something that one person, one organization, or even one government can manage. We all need to do our part to help the future of India get educated.

We at Noble Nonprofit run various educational campaigns like; study material distribution, weekend classes for the underprivileged and skill development programs for the youth of India. You can help us in this task to educate India by donating time, money and other resources.

A few of the ways that you can help Educate India is:

  • Donations – You can donate whatever you can right here on this page. The money collected on this page is used towards various educational projects that focus on slum areas in and around the city.
  • Time – If you have time, patience and desire to teach. We can help you set up weekly classes for underprivileged children. These would require you to travel to slum areas to conduct weekly classes.
  • Equipment/Stationery – If you have old laptops, desktops, or any other educational stationery you would like to donate, you can contact us. We shall arrange for the products to be picked up and distributed to the children who need them most.
  • Sponsor a child – You can even choose to sponsor the education of a child. Even though many government schools provide education at a nominal fee, there are still costs involved in educating a child. You can sponsor the annual cost for a child, which could be less than what you would spend for a weekend in Goa.

As mentioned above, Educate India aims to give every child a good education, and we can’t do this without your help. So, please don’t waste time; we need you, the children need you, India’s future needs you.


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Tax Exemption

Donation Total: ₹5,000 One Time

All donations to Noble Nonprofit are eligible for 50% tax exemption under section 80G of Income Tax, 1961.

Data Privacy: We take utmost care of of your personal data and will never sell or share it to any third parties. Your confidential information such as credit card or bank details is not stored on our system and we do not call donors for their credit/debit card PIN or internet banking password.