Empower Her

Empower Her is a project that focuses on the development of unprivileged women in India.

Women face inequality in almost every stage in life, right from the time they are born. There have been numerous cases where abortions are conducted just because the couple is pregnant with a girl. Thankfully, due to strict policies against gender identification before birth, the number of female fetus homicides has gone down over the years.

There is a big difference between females and males when it comes to education, especially in rural areas. A recent study shows that over 32 crore people in India are illiterate, out of which 59% are females. And this is not by choice; it is because there are still people in society who believe that educating the male child is more important than educating their female child.

Even in the working class, the inequality is jarring. Recent studies show that even today, women get paid less than men for doing the same job. And this is not restricted to the rural areas; this is true even in the urban areas. There are still so many jobs that are not available to women.

Women rightfully do not feel safe travelling alone, especially at night. Crimes against women have always been a big problem in India, in both rural and urban areas. A recent report says there are 87 rape cases reported in India daily.

Over the last few decades, the central and state governments have introduced numerous projects to help women. These projects have focused on Education, Safety and saving the girl child. However, there is still a lot that needs to be done. We at Noble Nonprofit understand that everybody needs to come forward to end inequality against women. To try and empower women, we care various sub-projects under” Empower Her”, including:

  • Skilled Women – Skill development classes are provided to underprivileged women. This includes basic computer training, English speaking classes and other skills like stitching, driving, etc.
  • Be Safe – Safety being an important part, this project helps women by providing them self-defence classes and educates them on handling and reporting domestic violence.
  • Educate Her – This project focuses on educating 5-16-year female children by providing weekly and monthly classes and providing them with the required stationery to study.
  • Inspire – This project hopes to create inspiration by sharing stories and speeches about women how have gone ahead and broken the glass ceiling.

You can help empower her by our donations on this page; you can also sponsor the education of a female child. Or you can also teach skills and train underprivileged women. No matter how you decide to help, the essential thing that you can do is educate people around you – everyone is equal.



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