Master Ankit  Needs Your Help!

In the green fields of Bihar, there’s a little boy named Ankit Kumar. He’s just four years old and he’s fighting something really tough – brain cancer. Instead of running around and playing like other kids, he’s spending his time in a big hospital in Delhi, trying to beat this illness.

Ankit is a brave boy. Even though he’s sick, he still dreams of doing simple things like chasing butterflies and singing with his family. But having brain cancer makes everything hard and scary for him.

Ankit’s dad, Shailendra Kumar, is a hardworking farmer. He takes care of the fields and tries to make sure his family has everything they need. But now, he also has to worry about paying for Ankit’s treatment. It’s a big problem for him because it costs a lot of money.

That’s why we’re asking for help. If you can, please support Ankit in his fight against brain cancer. Even a small amount can make a big difference. Together, we can give Ankit and his family hope for a better future.

Let’s all come together and be strong for little Ankit Kumar. With your support, we can help him get better and bring back the smiles and laughter he deserves.

Master Vansh in AIIMS Hospital

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