Help Baby Pragya: A Tiny Warrior’s Fight Against Blood Cancer!

In the serene landscapes of Uttarakhand, a little soul named Baby Pragya is facing a battle far beyond her tender years. At just 3 years old, she is confronting Acute Leukemia (AL), a diagnosis that has disrupted the joyous rhythm of childhood.

Baby Pragya, with her innocent eyes is teaching us the true meaning of resilience. She dreams of the simple joys that every child deserves – playing in the fields, learning new words, and exploring the world around her. But destiny has a different plan, and her days are spent in the halls of AIIMS, New Delhi, fighting against the unseen enemy within.

Manoj Mandal, Baby Pragya’s father, is a hardworking farmer from Uttarakhand. As he tends to his fields, he is also tending to the hope that flickers in his daughter’s eyes. The burden of medical expenses has added an unforeseen challenge to Manoj’s shoulders, threatening to overshadow the dreams he has for his little one.

We Need Your Support!

Today, we extend an urgent appeal to join hands in supporting Baby Pragya’s fight against leukemia. Your generosity can be the pillar of strength that this family desperately needs. Manoj, the diligent farmer, sows seeds in the soil; today, he is planting seeds of hope in our hearts, trusting that together, we can nurture Baby Pragya back to health.

No amount is too small, for it is the collective power of compassion that can move mountains. Your contribution can make a profound impact on Baby Pragya’s journey to recovery.

Master Vansh in AIIMS Hospital
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